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8 forbidden gestures at the interview

There is no such person who would not be worried about the interview. But someone manages to keep himself in control, while in another experience “creeps out” uncontrollably in facial expressions and gestures. We talked with recruiters and found out what can spoil the impression of the applicant?

Do not bite your nails

“Some people start biting their nails with excitement. Agree that the sight is terrible. One candidate for an engineer’s vacancy astounded me by doing it so methodically, nail by nail, that I wanted to advise him to change his profession. At the manicurist. "

Keep your hands to yourself

“A lot of applicants nervously“ torture ”various objects: pens, pencils, pieces of paper, their own documents and even things lying on the interviewer's desk. There are a lot of cases. At one, the pen fell apart, and he, forgetting about the conversation, rushed to collect it. Another almost his whole notebook was torn to shreds. "

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